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Jenny Smith, Uxbridge On behalf of my elderly mum, myself and my sister, I would like to thank you so much for the care and kindness you showed during the time you looked after our mum. She thoroughly enjoyed looking forward to your visits and enjoyed the laughs and smiles she had with you. You showed such compassion, respect professionalism and warmth which made her life so much easier. Much thanks and appreciation. We will definitely be booking again in the near future.
Kate Jones, Pinner “Sofia has been an invaluable support network to me since my baby was born in January this year. I am a first time mother and the first few weeks of bringing her home were extremely challenging. No matter how many parenting guides I had prepared myself by reading, my confidence and mood was low. Sofia has helped to increase my confidence in my ability as a mother, particularly during these most difficult times i have faced with my baby. I’ve found Sofia very easy to contact whether that’s by telephone or text and if she has not been available she always returns my calls/texts very promptly. Sofia helped me with breastfeeding, checking that my baby was latched on properly and as with all first time mothers I was worried about how much milk my baby was actually taking. However, by carrying out all the routine checks (weight gain, check consistency of poo, amounts of wet nappies) she helped me to alleviate my worries. She also discussed the importance of me looking after myself as a nursing mother and encouraged me to drink plenty of fluids, to try my best to eat a well balanced nutritional diet and to rest as much as feasibly possible, this helped me to be in the best possible portion to nurture my new baby. Sofia is very friendly and professional. All new parents should have a private health visitor! I will defiantly be hiring her again.”
George Davids, Ickenham 'I wholeheartedly recommend Sofia at Heartfield Health. She visited recently and was extremely thorough in her assessment and explanations. I have recommended her to my friends and family as I have every confidence in her abilities. Excellent, kind, caring service. Many thanks Sofia, you are like a breath of fresh air!”
Rhia Jacobs, Eastcote “I have been receiving weekly listening visits from Sofia for over 6 weeks to help manage my mild to moderate anxiety and depressive symptoms. Ella is my second child and after my first I struggled with low mood for the best part of a year which made it very difficult to bond with my oldest daughter. Sofia is friendly and supportive – but what was most important to me is that she is not judgemental and she comes from a place of trust and professionalism. My husband works away most of the week in central london, which leaves me with the girls for 12 hours days 5 days a week. I didn’t have anyone to talk to and no one actually knew about me being diagnosed with postnatal depression, my mum or anyone, no one knew, not even my husband. So it was quite nice just to offload to Sofia. It was helpful to have Sofia book our appointment in and visit me at home.It helped to bring more happiness to my days in a time where I was otherwise very lonely.