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My name is Sofia Rachedi and I have been a Registered Nurse (RN) for 10 years and a Registered Specialist Community Health visitor (RHV) for 6 of those years. I undertook the 3 year Higher National Diploma (HND) in Adult nursing at South Bank University in 2010. I undertook further postgraduate study at the University of Surrey in 2014 and graduated with a BSc Specialist Community Public Health Visiting. I have worked within a variety of medical settings within the NHS. That is both on Medical and Surgical inpatients wards as well as, within a women’s Surgical Gynaecological inpatient ward. Aside from working within the NHS, I am a freelance Nurse Consultant, and work as part of a multi professional team - please contact me to discuss further. I am a single parent, who is estranged from my own family setting. I have 2 vivacious and intelligent children of my own, both primary school age. One of my girls has an array of medical diagnoses’ and so we have blindly experienced and navigated the health care system. It is these turbulences and setbacks of life that underpin my no nonsense, non-judgmental, trustworthy approach to the way I provide care for you or your loved one. Heartfield Health’s Vision Our company’s purpose is to helping people to live longer, healthier, happier lives. We can do this by caring for their health and care needs by being honest, trustworthy, authentic and professional in all that we do. Our 5 year road map is to be more visible amongst other health care teams in our communities, so that we can produce quality health and care whilst reducing the amount of time families one spend looking for the right professional or team member that their loved one so needs. Heartfield Health’s Mission Our company’s mission is to provide first-class independent healthcare for our local community and beyond, in a safe, comfortable and friendly environment; one in which we would be happy to treat our own family and friends. Our Values Patients are at the core of everything we do Together we make things more effective Prevention is better than cure Without our dedication to our nursing profession, Heartfield Health would not exist, and so neither would our values
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