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Postnatal Assessment New Baby Review 10-14 Days Postpartum

We will carry out a health screen of your newborn, go over any issues or concerns with medical discharge notes or your own parental concerns with your recovery post labour or c-section. We’ll look at your newborns patterns in relation to bowel movement, urine frequency, sleeping patterns, what to do if there any concerns with baby. We will be able to measure your baby, including head circumference, length and baby weight. We can plot it and discuss this too should you wish, so you can keep and continue to weigh your baby with our service, purchase your own set of baby scales or use the NHS clinic within your community. We can devise a plan of care going forward dependent on outcome of assessment and also refer to other health care professionals or collaborate if you wish or if necessary. Heartfield Health is part of a wider team where further support can be made available as needed or required.