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Personal Care

To us at Heartfield Health it’s personal. Whether it is helping you with personal hygiene or helping you to keep well healthy and active, all are equally important to your health and wellbeing. We have every element of living a fulfilled life under our belt. Personal care is very flexible. You might need a nurse for only an hour a week or for several hours a day. It can be temporary, eg: a few weeks while you recover from an illness or it can be long term.

The Benefits of Personal Care

Receiving support with your personal care, whether it’s help with dressing, putting make up on, showering or assistance with your meals and medication regimes, we know that we can make a big difference to your quality of life. We understand that personal care can be highly sensitive to each individual, that’s why we ensure that we are discreet and take time to build a close relationship with our clients to make sure we provide an individual and personal experience tailored to our client changing needs whilst maintaining dignity, compassion and empathy.

How can Heartfield Health’s Nurses help me?

A Nurse can visit you at home to help you with all kinds of things including: Getting out of bed in the morning Washing and dressing Brushing your hair Using the toilet Preparing meals and drinks Remembering to take your medicines Doing your shopping Collecting prescriptions or your pension Getting out, eg: to a lunch club Getting settled in the evening and ready for bed