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MOT Adult Patient Nursing Assessment

A MOT health assessment is more than just an assessment, it can be the start of a journey to better physical and emotional health. We use our health expertise and professionalism to help you to build up a clear picture of where your current health status is and together identify potential future health risks. We will carry out set of tests and examinations that will give you an overview of your current health. You may choose to have a health assessment because of a specific health concern, or it may that you would like nursing support to improve your current health. The assessment lasts up to an hour, it could be one off or regular. After your assessment we will use your results to help and guide you to become healthier and fitter. This assessment includes; Blood Pressure Pulse Temperature Urine Analysis Cholorestrol Test Blood Sugar Test Height, Weight, BMI Health Promotion Full Personalised Medical Report With Tips For Healthier Life Provided Same Day