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Medication Assisting

We are mindful that supporting the health and well being of each other is pivotal to our own unique happiness. It is for this reason that our nursing services can assist patients to stay on track with taking their medications and administering them at the right times as they are prescribed. Offering reminders, helping to set up daily medication calender, purchasing dossett boxes or reminding you to drink water regularly. Heartfield Health recognises that it can be difficult for some people to administer their own medication, whether that be prescribed, topical or herbal supplements. Difficulties can include reading the labels, managing packaging and remembering to take the right dose at the right time. For these reasons, many individuals have to rely on the help of relatives and friends. We’re friendly and professionally trained in administering medication and available to assist as required, whether the help is needed on a daily basis or temporarily, as part of a respite care package.