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Bespoke Personalised Nursing Care Service

How can a Bespoke personalised Nursing Care Service help? Every person is unique and will have their own health care needs. Our mission is to provide friendly professional care, consultations, assesments and support services to enable people to remain independent in control of their own health and maintain their dignity. Although young babies and children all reach the same milestones in their development at different ages they are very different in character when meeting their milestones, their noises and facial expressions, their temperaments and behaviours. Being able to alleviate your worries or concerns about your baby or child’s development will make you feel like a weight has been lifted off your shoulder. All our clients will receive their very own named health visitor and to support them physically and emotionally, right from 28 weeks of gestation whilst working in collaboration with your NHS or private midwife team. Your health visitor will get to know you during your pregnancy and be by your side, supporting your wishes, giving you information, helping you to make decisions and ensuring you feel nurtured, safe and cared for. We only accept a limited number of clients each month which allows us to ensure we are always available for you when you’ve had the baby and are 10-days postpartum, thats when you’ll really need us. During our 10-14 days postpartum visit your health visitor will carry out postnatal checks in the convenience of your home. By this time, you should have had your care managed by your NHS or private midwife. We believe prevention is better than a cure. We are on hand to support you with diet & nutrition, exercise, recovery, care of perineal tears or wounds, breastfeeding support, natural healing, remedies, new-born jaundice, feeding issues, weights, skincare, eye & cord care, colic, reflux, signs of an unwell baby and many other topics. We help you to remain living in your own home as long you wish to. Having the service can help relax the mind and body - being in your own home helps you to relax more easier. Familiar surroundings - you’ll heal much quicker - research shows that staying in your own home helps the body and mind to recover at a speedier rate than that of a care home or hospital. Being surrounded by people you don’t know can be worrying for the best of us. Family participation – A significant advantage of home health care is the opportunity for your family and friends to be a larger part of your care plans. Some of the other services we offer; Breastfeeding support Socialising and companionship Weaning advice Sleep advice and routine establishment Toileting worries, child development or behaviour sessions You may need a single session, three sessions or a package of sessions.