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21-24 Month Child Developmental Review

Knowledge of child development and your child’s learning enables you as a parent, and your children’s childcare provider to create curriculum and environment enrichment activities, to help your child to grow, nurture and increase in confidence If we have been looking after you and your baby we will send you a birthday card when your child reaches their second birthday. You are welcome to make contact with us if you have any concerns about the following issues; Toilet training Toddler tantrums Sleep Eating/diet Speech Safety Hearing Generally, at two years old your child may now be able to carry out activities such as kicking a ball, building a tower with 8 bricks or more, holding a pencil and using a spoon to eat their food. He or she should be saying single words or more, be able to point to known objects when you ask and also be able to carry out basic instructions. If you have any concerns regarding your child's speech, please contact us. Often between 18 and 30 months your toddler may ask for the potty/toilet.